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OBCCS provides a diverse array of consulting and training services to individuals, organizations and established community networks that are tailored to assist Clients to operationalize their vision and mission statements into measurable and achievable outcomes. OBCCS also provides an array of parenting and clinical services that are solution focused.


We will respond to your outreach within a twenty four hour period.


Triple P, the Positive Parenting Program, is here to help you meet your parenting goals. Triple P will help you learn new skills. Whether you want a quick tip on how to handle a specific issue, some practical answers to common everyday parenting concerns or help with more complex family issues, a trained practitioner can tailor Triple P to suit your needs. 

Triple P can help you find ideas to handle challenging behaviors including temper tantrums, disobedience, homework and chores and more. Triple P helps take the guesswork out of parenting!  


Dr. Farrell is trained in Tripe P Level 3, Primary Care, Level 4, Standard Triple P, Discussion Groups and Seminar Series. She has 8 children and 3 grandchildren and promotes positive parenting throughout the provider and faith community, She facilitates training sessions with parents and providers in schools, child development centers, parent advocacy groups, faith institutions as well as at other venues.


Clinical/Implementation Support
Dr. Alice Farrell is a clinical consultant to the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood and is available to provide clinical/implementation support to Triple P practitioners.  She provides one-on-one coaching, telephone support and refresher workshops.


Request Presentations

To coordinate Triple P community overview presentations, seminars/workshops and discussion groups, please contact us.

Seminar Series: Seminar I - The Power of Positive Parenting, Seminar 2 -  Raising Competent Confident Children,  Seminar 3 - Raising Resilient Children




Alice Ellovich, MPA

Family Support Services Division

Connecticut  Office of Early Childhood


I have had the good fortune to work closely with Dr. Alice Farrell for the past several months on implementing a pilot of Triple P, an evidence-based Positive Parenting Program.  Triple P is a parenting and family support system designed to prevent – as well as treat – behavioral and emotional problems in children and teenagers.  It is a unique parenting program in that it recognizes that all parents can use some practical help with common parenting problems and a few parents may need more intensive long-term intervention

Triple P is used by individuals working with children and families in many settings and in a variety of ways.   We trained 106 practitioners that work in social service agencies, schools, preschools, health clinics, libraries and family resource centers in Hartford. 


 Dr. Farrell’s focus has been three-fold:

( 1) program dissemination--ensuring that the program is effectively delivered;

(2) program integration—helping practitioners figure out ways to use Triple P in their work with families; and

(3) institutionalization of Triple P -- working toward sustainability of the Triple P  program within the practitioner network. As part of our contract, Dr. Farrell provides one-on-one consultation and clinical support workshops for new practitioners, overview presentations to school and agency staff and program implementation advice to me as contract manager and program coordinator.  

In addition, she has conducted Triple P seminars for parents, did a promotional radio interview for a Community Access program and is setting up a peer support network for practitioners.

I have seen first-hand how she skillfully and respectfully connects with program administrators, Triple P practitioners and parents. Her presentations and workshops are highly motivational and filled with great content.   Dr. Farrell knows evidence-based programs and people and her knowledge and expertise in program implementation—superb!


Everyone is different, and a personal trainer takes your individual requirements into consideration andcreates a training environment that corresponds directly to your expectations. We are here to give you helpful advice and help you achieve exactly what you want.

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